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Custom or Personalized License Plates for Bicycles are a great gift for children and adults!.  Bike plates are great as a gift for every child. Add a novelty Bicycle License or Battery powered vehicle license and you've got a great gift. They make great favors for kid's parties as well as birthday and holiday gifts. The Adults love them for Bikes, Golf Carts, Walkers, Wheel Chairs, Shopping and Mail Room Carts.

!! Normal Production time is 3-5 days Please choose your shipping wisely.
Personalized Plates for Grandpa Personalized plates with multi color designs
Plates for Adults Beachy Designs Kids Designs
personalized bike plates with sports designs personalized bike plates with replica state images license plates with your country flag
Sports States Heritage / Flags
personalized bike plates for your pet carrier bike plates for occupations and trade jobs
For Pets Occupations & Trades Photo Plates
Put your team mascot on a license plate bicycle license plate with frame New 2.25 x 4 with Frame !
Mascot Plates Bridal - Wedding State Plates
Our new 2.25" x 4" plate comes with a frame all ready for attaching to your bike, scooter or battery powered vehicle.
For the Locals Football Shaped Car Tag Water Bottles
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Any name, graphic or photo can be added to a bike plate.   Personalize one of our sample designs or order a custom design and we'll send you back a graphic sample for approval prior to printing.

Our Bike Plates are made from either solid polymer fiberglass - plastic, and are approximately 3/16 thick,  or aluminum,. We offer a variety of sizes New Mini Plate Series -2x4, 2.5x4, and our all new 2.25 x 4 plate that comes with a black frame.  Standard size bike plates- 3x6, ATV and Motorcycle Plates- 4x7 and Car Tag Size- 6x12.  (only 3x6 4 hole plates are offered in plastic - all sizes are offered in aluminum).  Plates may have 2 top round holes or 4 slot holes (2 on top and 2 on bottom) for application.  The 2 hole 3x6 and 4x7 plates have a UV coating.  The 4 hole plates are high gloss.  All Plates are rust resistant, perfectly flat, Printed in full color. with no set up charges! Plates are shipped with 2 zip ties for application except when used as a desk accessory.

Heritage Plates. - Plates with your Heritage Country Flag or symbols such as shamrocks. We are currently building a design inventory for these plates, so if you don't see your heritage / country, please feel free to ask and we'll make one up for you. These designs can be used on both 3x6 bicycle plates as well as 4x7 motorcycle plates. Please be advised though,- plates are only shipped to the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We cannot ship to any other country.

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2.25 x 4 with Frame !

Available on select designs Now in Black, Pink, Red & Blue too!

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